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Explore the limits of the costs reduction in tech.

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How it works

The hosting costs are dropping. Therefore, if you only need a neat static website, you just need take advantage of the technology to create amazing affordable solutions.

Invest a dollar

Take advantage of the fierce competence in the sector to find the perfect domain you need for a price as low as 1 dollar. The comparator domcomp will help you.

select a template

Html5 technology allows you to create impressive websites of a few megabytes. Simply choose the template that suits your needs and get ready to impress the world.

Adapt it

Open the main website file (index.html) with a text editor and replace the texts for some of your own. Later on replace the photos in respective folder if you need it.

Publish it

Use the basic free hosting that your domain provider usually gives it to you. In case you have any problem make use of your dropbox, github or google drive account.


Great ideas you'll love.

There are many sites where you can get html5 templates for free. Theme-cards collects some of the best and you can find more by the term "Bootstrap" in the internet.

An Agency

Many agencies try to get known by creating free examples. This has created a great number of awesome templates that you can download for your company like, this and this this other one.

An App

Develop an app is quite expensive for a little team. This two themes will help you to hold the costs. The first is really flexible, and the second was used in one of my projects, so personally I love it.

Share your CV

If you are a student you probably are trying to hold your expenses to save money for college and trips. Thanks to my first and second recommendation, that will no longer be a problem.

A Restaurant

Focus on making a great food and create the right environment for your restaurant. This and this other other template will help you to shine between the competence.

A countdown

Amazing content that people want to see takes time for be created. With this template you can set up a countdown in your new domain to inform when your next project will be ready.

A portfolio

A HTML5 porfolio template is perfect for the people that want to start building their brand in internet. Share your dribbble works or your flickr album will look great with this page.


Questions and Answers.

If you invest more time than the desired, then your new website will not be so cheap. Take a look to the FAQ to understand the project.

1. One dollar is really cheap. Is it really a good idea?

Is viable and a great concept, but please be aware that if you are not good in technology, you may get confused easily. Your time is valuable.

2. Will all domain providers give me a basic hosting?

No, godaddy or namesilo for example will not give it to you. Some of the domain providers that I know that do it are: 1&1, and ovh.

3. Are there other free hosting providers?

Plenty, and for a website of 2-6 megabytes is hard that you exceed any limits. In addition you can host secondary files like photos, or your whole website in services like Dropbox, Github or Google Drive.

4. Can you tell me more about that?

Yes, here you have a manual of how to host your website in Dropbox and Github. Dropbox is very easy to set up, but is not so good for SEO. Github on the other side is really fast and good for SEO, but is hard to configure.

5. Would be possible to pay one dollar every year?

No, just the first year if you choose the right offer. Then you will have to pay the normal price each year, around 10 dollars per year.

6. What if I want to transform my beautiful website into a blog?

One good idea would be to use the wordpress Divi theme to replicate the design of your website. Is fast, simple and without coding.

About me.

My name is Victor, I am a 4-year (3+1) BBA/MBA student looking for a job to match my extensive knowledge and skills in marketing and IT. If you like what you see please check out my other projects.